Clarity Max 32" UHD 4K Monitor with USB-C Power Delivery

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Make an Impact in 32"
The Next Big Thing in Creativity

The technology behind our Clarity monitors hasn’t lost any of its lustre in the transition to a bigger screen. They remain a studio-grade tool for creatives professionals who rely on accurate colours to work.

With HDR400 support and a 3000:1 contrast ratio, Clarity Max delivers crisp contrasts between its deep blacks and eye-catching brightness. Offering more than 16 million colours across their 4K Ultra High Resolution display, Clarity Max monitors are the perfect place to realise your next masterpiece.

Connect to Creativity with a Single Cable

Sitting at the centre of your studio, Clarity Max connects your computer to everything you need to compose your next piece.

Its rear USB hub connects your computer to two USB-A accessories, 65W laptop charging and your 3.5mm speakers or headphones – all with the same USB-C cable you’re using for video.

Perfect Colour for Work and Play
Raise, Lower, Tilt and Twist

Our aluminium stand makes it easy to position Clarity Max exactly where you need it, letting you raise, pivot, tilt and swivel the display to fit your desk setup and maximise ergonomic comfort.

With Clarity Max, it’s easy to show off your latest design to colleagues, with wide 178° viewing angles across its broad 32” screen.

Compatible with 100x100mm VESA Mounts (such as our Clarity Fold Stand and Glide Monitor Arms), Clarity Max is an easy inclusion in any setup, despite its size.

More Space For What Matters
Dimensions and Range of Motion
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Frequently Asked Questions


How big is Clarity Max? How high and low can it go on its stand?
See the diagrams below for Clarity Max’s range of motion with the included stand.
What’s the difference between Clarity Max, Clarity Max Pro and Clarity Max Touch?
Clarity Max is just a monitor, while Clarity Max Pro features our smart webcam, while Clarity Max Touch features the webcam and a touchscreen.
Does Clarity Max support VESA Mounting?
Yes, Clarity Max supports 100x100mm VESA mounts and includes compatible mounting screws.

As a larger monitor, it’s important to check your monitor stand will support Clarity Max to avoid damaging your monitor.

Clarity Max is 32”, weighs 6.5kg without the stand and measures 725*250*606mm (LxDxH).
How do I use Clarity’s USB-A ports?
In order for your computer to access devices you've plugged into Clarity's two rear USB-A ports, you need to ensure your computer is:

Connected to Clarity via either:
  1. Clarity's USB-C port
  2. Clarity's USB-B port

  3. Clarity’s "Active USB" mode is set to the same USB port you've connected to your computer.

    To change Clarity's "Active USB" mode, navigate to "USB Switch" in the "Other Settings" menu of Clarity's main menu.

    For example: if your computer is connected to Clarity via USB-C, you would select "Type-C" in the "USB Switch" menu.
Are Clarity Max monitors compatible with Windows, macOS and Chromebooks?
Yes, Clarity’s Webcam, Charging and Touch features have been tested with all three operating systems and work great.

In order to get multitouch working on macOS, you’ll need to install our macOS drivers.

Clarity’s Webcam hasn’t been tested with legacy versions of Windows and macOS.
How do I recharge my laptop with Clarity?
To charge your laptop via Clarity (up to 90W Clarity, 65W Clarity Pro or Pro Touch), simply connect it to the monitor via a USB-C cable which supports the required wattage.

However, it does need to plug into a USB-C port compatible with PD (Power Delivery) on your computer.

These can sometimes be identified by the presence of a battery icon next to the port on your laptop, but often you’ll need to check the user manual or manufacturer’s website to figure out which USB-C ports support PD.

All Thunderbolt 3 and 4 ports support PD.
How do I rotate a Clarity Max screen to Portrait?
To rotate your Clarity Max’s screen, you need to:

1. Ensure the monitor is at its maximum height on the stand.
2. Tilt the monitor as far as it can go by pulling its bottom edge towards you.

You can then slowly rotate the monitor without the corner hitting the desk.

Clarity Max’s screen won’t automatically rotate after you move the monitor. To rotate the picture, follow these steps:


1. Open System Settings -> Displays.

2. Click on your Clarity Max and change ‘Rotation’ to 90° or 270°, depending on which way you turned it.


1. Open Settings -> System - > Display.

2. Click on Clarity Max, and under the ‘Scale & layout’ menu, switch ‘Display Orientation’ to Portrait or Portrait Flipped, depending on which way you turned it.


When I wake my computer from sleep mode, Clarity doesn’t come back on.
In some cases, it’s possible for Clarity not to recognize the wake-up signal from a connected computer. This issue occurs most often when Clarity is connected to a computer through a dock.

To resolve the issue, restart Clarity by pressing the power button twice – it should recognize the connected device as part of its boot-up sequence.

If this issue persists, we recommend trying the following steps to isolate the issue:
  • 1. Connect Clarity directly to your computer
  • 2. Try connecting with a different cable or port.
    • ie. Use DisplayPort instead of USB-C
  • 3. Update your computer’s operating system.
If your problem reoccurs and these these steps do not help resolve it, please contact ALOGIC support (


How accurate are Clarity Max’s Colours?
Clarity Max has quite accurate colours, 100% coverage in the key gamuts.

The stats listed below are the average colour accuracy for Clarity Max, although be aware that each panel’s colour

Although each monitor is varies slightly, below are the average colour accuracy stats for Clarity Max.

Clarity Max:
  1. Gamut Coverage (NTSC): 91%
  2. Gamut Coverage (DCI-P3): 96%
  3. Gamut Coverage (SRGB): 99.9%
  4. Gamut Coverage (Adobe RGB): 97%
  5. Gamut Coverage (BT2020 CIE1976): 77%
  6. Average ΔE: <1

Clarity Max Pro and Clarity Max Touch:
  1. Gamut Coverage (NTSC): 95%
  2. Gamut Coverage (DCI-P3): 102%
  3. Gamut Coverage (SRGB): 98%
  4. Gamut Coverage (Adobe RGB): 110%
  5. Gamut Coverage (BT2020 CIE1976): 76%
  6. Average ΔE: <1
How can I calibrate Clarity?
Clarity comes with several factory calibrated colour temperatures and video modes.

If you wish to further calibrate your monitor, you will need to use a third-part calibration tool, such as a Calibrite/Sypder.
Does Clarity Max support HDR?
Yes, Clarity, Clarity Pro and Clarity Max Touch all support HDR 400.
Does Clarity support automatic source switching?
No. While Clarity will automatically switch to the only active source, it can’t switch between two active video inputs based on which has current activity with an external switcher, like a KVM.
Does Clarity have a Picture in Picture function?
Yes, Clarity supports a variety of picture-in-picture modes for displaying multiple video sources at the same time.
  • Part No.: 32C4KPD
  • Barcode (EAN): 9350784028457

User Interface

  • Power Input: DC 19V 7.89A, 150W (Max)
  • Output: USB-C (Connection for Video (DP Alt Mode required), 65W Laptop Charging and Data), 2x HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4, 2x USB-A (5Gbps, 7.5W Charging, For Accessories), 3.5mm Audio, USB-B (Connects computer to USB-A and Audio ports)

Power Adapter

  • Input: AC 100-240V~, 50/60Hz
  • Output: DC 19V 7.89A, 150W (Max)
  • Colour Accuracy: (NTSC):102% | (DCI-P3): 113% | (SRGB): 142% | (Adobe RGB): 107% | (BT2020 CIE1976) 77% | Average ΔE: <1
  • USB PD Power Delivery: Up to 65W USB-C Laptop Charging
  • Backlight: QD
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Brightness: 320cd/m2 (Typ.)
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Panel: IPS
  • Viewing Angle: 178°(H) / 178°(V)

Physical Characteristics

  • Product Dimensions: 726mm (L) x 481mm (D) x 250mm (H)
  • Material: ABS, Glass, Aluminium
  • Weight: 6.5kg without stand
  • VESA Mount Compatible: FDMI MIS-D 100mm
  • Screen Size: 32”
  • Stand Dimensions: Base: 240mm wide x 250mm deep. Front of the
    monitor sits 35mm from the front of the base.
  • Monitor Height: 420mm. Height between desk and monitor: 50-180mm
  • Package Includes: Clarity Max 32” Monitor, Power Adapter, User Manual, DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable, HDMI to HDMI Cable, USB-C to USB-C Cable (USB 3.2 - Gen 2), USB-A to USB-B Cable
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Resolutions Supported: Up to 3840x2160 @ 60Hz Landscape, Up to 2160x3840 @ 60Hz Portrait
  • Pixel Density: 138 PPI
  • Dimensions (incl. stand at max height): 725*250*606mm (LxDxH)
  • Height from Desk to Top of Monitor: 606mm (Stand at Max Height), 480mm (Stand at Min Height)
  • Dimensions (without stand): 725*48*430mm (LxDxH)

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Lee Rudge
5-Star Monitor for its Price Point!

Having spent 6 years with Apple's 27" Retina, I wanted something bigger, but without the eye-watering cost of the Pro XDR. After months of reading/watching reviews of all the other options, I finally opted for Alogic's 32" Clarity.

For the price, you can't knock it all. Superb stand which is heavy, beautifully constructed and adaptable, large glossy screen and great performance. As other's have stated, it's a little 'hissy' if you are in a silent room and the screen performance is nowhere near Apple's Retina, but it is a 7th of the price, and that I can most definitely live with!

It does take some configuring to get the screen to where I need it for professional purposes, and the control buttons can be a bit of a faff at times, but once done, it really is a decent monitor for the price and I'm unsure why more people are not singing it's praises?

Roger Burrell
Early days, but very happy

Initially purchasing a 27”
However finally decided on the 32”.
Very happy. Great build quality and solid feel when out of the box. Seamless connection to my Mac. Amazing resolution. Highly recommend.
Only issue for me: working in a very small home office (size of a shoebox), and could really do with little more distance between the monitor and my eyes, so make sure you have adequate space. It’s quite large.
Apart from that, an awesomeness ‘Apple alternative’ display for an even more awesomness price.


Awesome product for my MacBook Pro

Benjamin Mursa
Decent quality monitor

This monitor is decent for the price you pay - it looks pretty good (a little glare-y in the wrong light) and sometimes it takes a while to wake from sleep. It’s also a little loud. But these are all nitpicks, besides this it’s a great monitor for all kinds of applications / work / entertainment.


Very happy with the purchase, super clear, uniform, sharp with vibrant picture and accurate colours. Only downside are the built in speakers.