SPARK 6-in-1 USB 4 Hub with 8K HDMI

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Next Generation USB 4 Performance

Offering twice the bandwidth as the fastest USB 3 connection, with USB4 you’ll never have to compromise on connectivity again. With a breathtaking 40 gigabits per second transfer speed, USB4 capable of moving files at lightning speeds with more than enough capacity left over to support a multitude of devices, including ultra-high-definition displays.

While USB4 represents the cutting-edge standard of data transfer - future-proofing your setup and allowing you to take advantage of new technologies - it remains completely backwards compatible with existing USB 3 or Thunderbolt ports, so you don’t need to have a cutting-edge computer to take advantage of this new technology.


Crystal Clear 8K HDMI Video

Enjoy the crispest video quality available with a HDMI 2.1 connection that supports ultra-high-definition 8K resolutions at a smooth 60Hz*.

Whether you’re multitasking at work, composing your next digital masterpiece, finally catching up on that summer blockbuster or immersing yourself in a virtual world, the SPARK Hub’s ultra-fast USB4 transfer speeds will allow you to make the most of your display, whatever its resolution.

And when you’re ready for that 4K or 8K upgrade? Your ALOGIC SPARK 6-in-1 USB4 Hub will be ready and waiting.

* Video resolutions and refresh rates that can be achieved are dependent on the capabilities of the connected computer and monitor. Check the FAQ’s below for guidance in the resolutions you can expect to achieve with your equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is USB 4?
USB 4 is a new version of USB connectivity that is backwards compatible with older USB devices (USB 3, USB 2 and previous) while gaining many of the advanced features of Intel’s proprietary Thunderbolt technology.
For users this means faster data transfers (two or more times faster than previous USB standards) and the ability to support higher video output resolutions.
The USB 4 standard is very new compared with the existing USB 3 standard which was first introduced in 2008. This means that most computers currently support USB 3, but you can expect to see computers starting to gain USB 4 support from 2022 onwards.
The good news is that USB 4 is backwards compatible with computers that support USB 3 and Thunderbolt. Buying a USB 4 accessory now means you are buying a future proofed product that will also work with new computers that are released in the next few years.
Can I charge my computer with this device?
This device can operate standalone and receive power from the computer it is connected to, or you can connect a USB-C Power Delivery (USB PD) power adapter (available separately) to the hub and it can charge computers and tablets that support USB PD charging.
The device supports USB PD 2.0 and 3.0 power adapters up to 100W. Note that the device can reserve up to 15W from power adapters to power itself and peripheral devices connected to the ports on the hub so it is best to use a USB PD power adapter that is at least 15W larger than the power adapter that was supplied with the computer.
The maximum Wattage that this hub can provide to charge a computer is 85W (100W power adapter minus 15W reserved by the hub). This is sufficient for most laptops, but a few larger high performance laptops may slow charge or not be able to charge through this device. If the computer shows a message indicating that it is not receiving enough power from the device, increase the size (Wattage) of the connected power adapter or connect the power adapter directly to the computer.


What maximum resolution and refresh rate will my computer display with this device?
The maximum video resolution and refresh rate available depends on the capabilities of your computer. The table below lists the maximum available to computers of different types and capabilities.

Host Type

Max Resolution/Refresh Rate

Without DSC*

With DSC*

USB-C 3.x DP1.2 alt mode hosts

4K 30Hz


USB-C 3.x DP1.4 alt mode hosts

4K 60Hz

8K 30Hz

TB3 DP1.2 alt mode hosts

4K 30Hz


TB3 DP1.4 alt mode hosts

4K 60Hz

8K 30Hz

TB4 DP1.4 alt mode hosts

8K 30Hz

8K 60Hz

USB 4 hosts

8K 30Hz

8K 60Hz

Mac Intel hosts

4K 30 - 60Hz
(Model dependent)


Mac first generation M1 hosts

4K 60Hz


Mac M1 Pro/Max hosts

4K 60Hz


  • Barcode (EAN): 9350784026170
  • Mac Processor Type: M1/M2, M1/M2 Ultra/Pro/Max, Intel
  • Display supported on Mac M1/M2: Single display
  • Display supported on Mac M1/M2 Ultra/Pro/Max: Single display
  • Display supported on Mac Intel: Single display
  • Display supported on Windows: Single display
  • Display supported on Chrome: Single display
  • Display supported Universal: Single display
  • Docking Station Type: Desktop
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Additional Features: Ethernet, Card Reader

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