Echelon USB-C Rechargeable Wireless Mouse and Keyboard for Windows

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USB-C Rechargeable Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
Designed for Professionals

Despite its slim, lightweight design, we haven't compromised on the Echelon Keyboard's typing experienced, with full-size, comfortably spaced keys that make composing long documents quick and accurate.

Meanwhile, the compact Echelon Mouse's ergonomic chassis helps keep your hand cramp-free after a long day.

Designed for Windows Productivity

The Echelon keyboard features a number of custom shortcuts, such as single-key Cut, Copy and Paste keys above the Numpad for use when number crunching and OS shortcuts like Emails, Calculator and Search.

Windows Shortcuts
Decrease Brightness

Decreases the brightness of compatible displays.

Increase Brightness

Increases the brightness of compatible displays.


Opens the Windows Search menu.

Home Shortcut

Opens web browser’s home page.

Mail Shortcut

Opens system’s default email application.

Calculator Shortcut

Opens the Windows Calculator app.

Previous Track

Restarts, or switches to the previously played media.


Starts or stops the currently playing media.

Next Track

Skips to the next piece of media in your playlist.


Mutes the currently playing media.

Lower Volume

Lowers the system volume. Not supported by all audio devices.

Raise Volume

Increases the system volume. Not supported by all audio devices.

Lock Computer

Tap to lock your computer. Hold to power off.

2.4GHz & Select All

Press to select all items in the current application.
Hold Fn and press to switch to Echelon’s 2.4GHz connection.

Bluetooth 1 & Copy

Press to copy selected items.
Hold Fn and press to switch to saved Bluetooth device #1.
Hold Fn and this key to pair a new device in Echelon’s Bluetooth #1 profile.

Bluetooth 2 & Paste

Press to copy selected items.
Hold Fn and press to switch to saved Bluetooth device #2.
Hold Fn and this key to pair a new device in Echelon’s Bluetooth #2 profile.


Press to cut (copy then delete) the current items.

Designed for the Modern Office

Perfect for hybrid work, the home office and hot desking, the Echelon Mouse and Keyboard can quickly switch between three connected devices at the touch of the button, including laptops, phones and tablets.

No Batteries Needed

Echelon features an integrated USB-C charging battery, which lasts weeks between charges, saving you the expense and hassle of swapping batteries in and out.

USB-C Charging

Battery Lasts Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions


Does this only work with Windows, or will it work with my MacBook, iPad, iPhone or Android phone?
Almost certainly. Echelon has been tested with Windows, macOS, Chromebook, iPhones, iPads and Android Phones and Tablets and worked well with all of them. Its keys and shortcuts are designed around Windows, however, so compatibility will vary for other systems. If you’re primarily planning to use this keyboard with a Mac, iPhone or iPad, we recommend using the Echelon Wireless Keyboard for macOS instead.
Which regional layouts is the Echelon Keyboard available in?
The Echelon Keyboard is available in the following regional layouts. US, UK, DE/QWERTZ, FR/AZERTY Some keyboard layouts are only available from certain ALOGIC webstores. If you are interested in ordering a keyboard layout not available in your region, please contact Note: The DE/QWERTZ and FR/AZERTY keyboards do not include English packaging and documentation.
Does Echelon support key rebinding and macros?
No, neither the Echelon Mouse nor the Keyboard includes any software for changing the functionality of its keys.
How long do the Echelon devices take to charge?
Both the mouse and keyboard take less than an hour when connected to a standard computer’s USB-C port.
How long do the batteries last?
In typical office usage, we’ve found that the Echelon Wireless Mouse battery lasts 2-3 weeks In typical office usage, we’ve found that the Echelon Wireless Mouse battery lasts 2-3 weeks
Should I use the 2.4Ghz or Bluetooth connection with Echelon?
For most users, there will be very little appreciable difference between Echelon’s Bluetooth and 2.4GHz modes. Some users find it easier to plug in a USB-A device, while others find the Bluetooth pairing process more convenient. The 2.4GHz mode is slightly more responsive and suffers a little less signal loss, which can be useful if you’re playing video games or require rapid responses for some other reason.
Can I use Echelon wired?
Echelon devices can be used while charging, but they can’t connect to a computer via USB – they need a wireless Bluetooth or 2.4GHz connection.


How do I connect with Bluetooth?
Wireless Keyboard: 1. Press and hold FN + the Bluetooth 1 or 2 keys (Copy and Paste above the Numpad) until the connection light begins flashing green. 2. From your device’s Bluetooth menu, pair with ALG_KEYBOARD. Wireless Mouse: 1. Hold the connection button for 3 seconds, until the light begins flashing. 2. Pair with “ALG_MOUSE” in your device’s Bluetooth menu.
How do I connect to Echelon via the 2.4GHz Dongle?
Wireless Keyboard: 1. Remove the USB dongle from the underside of your mouse and plug it into your computer. 2. Turn on your keyboard. 3. Hold the “FN” and 2.4GHz button (Select All above the numpad) down for a few seconds until the connection light begins flashing. Once it stops flashing, your keyboard is connected. 4. If it doesn’t stop flashing after 10 seconds, remove the USB dongle from your device and plug it back in. They keyboard should now connect. Wireless Mouse: 1. Connect the 2.4GHz dongle to your device. 2. Hold the connection button on the underside of your mouse for 3 seconds.
My mouse won’t connect
Restart the computer or device. 2.4GHz: Turn off the mouse, unplug the 2.4GHz dongle and plug it back in. Turn the mouse back on and hold the connection button for 3+ seconds until the light flashes. Bluetooth: Unpair “ALG_Mouse” from your Bluetooth menu. Pair it again by holding the connection button for 3+ seconds. If this doesn’t work, try cycling through connections by pressing the connection button and testing the mouse. Unpair the mouse from other nearby Bluetooth devices.
My mouse is unresponsive
Press the left mouse button a few times to wake it up. Plug in the USB-C cable to recharge your mouse’s battery – when Echelon’s battery is low, it enters a more aggressive sleep mode to try and preserve power. Turn the mouse off and on again.
  • Part No.: ASKBT3WC
  • Package Includes: Echelon Wireless Mouse
    Echelon Wireless Keyboard
    2.4GHz USB-A Reciever
    USB-C Charging Cable
    Quick Start Guide
  • Compatibility: Recommended for: Windows
    Compatible with: macOS, Android, iOS, Chromebook
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0 and 5.0
    2.4GHz via USB-A Reciever
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Barcode: 9350784027504

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Andrew Tunney
Awesome keyboard & mouse combo

Received my Windows set two weeks ago & haven't looked back, love the keyboard, nice & responsive, the mouse while I thought was going to be too 'low profile' is comfortable to use - 10/10 ALogic!