1X67 Rapid Power 67W Multi-Country Travel GaN Charger

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1X67 Rapid Power 67W Multi-Country Travel GaN Charger
1X67 Rapid Power 67W Multi-Country Travel GaN Charger
1X67 Rapid Power 67W Multi-Country Travel GaN Charger
1X67 Rapid Power 67W Multi-Country Travel GaN Charger
Frequently Asked Questions


Which sockets is this travel charger compatible with?
The ALOGIC Rapid Power Multi Country GaN Charger comes with the following plugs:

US - Plug type A
EU - Plug Type C
UK - Plug Type G
AU - Plug type I

As these are compatible with over a hundred countries covering most of the world, we recommend to Google your intended destination's socket type and checking it's compatible with the four plug above.

It's faster than going through the whole list.
Which voltages can I use this charger with?
This charger is compatible with 100-240V AC at 50 or 60Hz. 1.5A max.


Will this charger work with my device?
This charger will work with any mobile phone, tablet or notebook computer that supports USB charging requiring up to 67 Watts (67W) of power.

This includes iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13”. ALOGIC 100W chargers are recommended for MacBook Pro 14” and above.
How can I check how much power my device needs?
Device specifications published on the manufacturer’s website will usually provide details of how much power the device needs.

Alternatively, if the device came with a charger, the power output will be marked in the specifications printed on the charger.
My device came with a power adapter that has a higher power output than 67W. Can I use this charger with my device?
No, we wouldn’t recommend it.

It is always best to pick an ALOGIC power adapter that provides the same or higher power output in Watts than the charger provided by the manufacturer of your device.

ALOGIC has a range of USB power adapters to suit every application and there is almost certainly a different model that will be the perfect option for you.
Can I use my existing charging cables with this power adapter?
This charger will work with any charging cables that have a USB-C connector on the charger end including USB-C to USB-C cables, USB-C to micro-USB and USB-C to Lighting cables.

If you have older USB-A charging cables for your devices, ALOGIC have USB-C to USB-A adapters available for purchase separately that can allow them to be used with this charger.

Alternatively, ALOGIC also manufactures a comprehensive range of USB-C charging cables that can be purchased separately for use with this charger.

Check out our Elements Pro range of products for some of the charging cables and adapters that we have available.
I’m still not sure if this power adapter will work with my device.
If in doubt about which power adapter to choose, drop us a line with the make and model of your device and we will be happy to help.

Contact us at support@alogic.co
  • SKU: WCM1X67-SGR
  • Barcode (EAN): ()
  • Host Connection Technology: USB-C
  • USB Port: 1
  • Video Outputs: HDMI
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Physical Characteristics: Length: 1M
    Cable: Braided
  • Compliance: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Certifications: VELUC4A36
  • Input: 12-24V DC Car Charging Port/Cigarette Lighter
  • Output: 67W
  • Device Compatibility: Apple
  • Colour: Space Grey

Customer Reviews

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Really Fast Charger

This charger works great and charges quickly. It's great for home, work, and travel. good quality and exactly as described.

The Perfect Charger

A solid performing charger that will charge your devices quickly, get this brand!

It's of quality.

It charges fast and it's small, I definitely recommend it 5 times faster than my previous charger.

Great product

Loved everything about it. Great product.

Travel Must Have.

LOVE the size. Easy for packing, Tested on actual laptops since that's what I travel with. Worked great.