4 great devices to have with you when travelling

4 great devices to have with you when travelling_1

Have you been missing all the adventure this year and just like us you cannot wait to resume travelling?
Also, are you already planning for your upcoming travel itineraries? We can definitely help you to ease it up with the list of best gadgets that you can carry along with you.
Here is the list of some very handy essential devices:

1. Power Bank

While being on the road, one of the worst thing every traveller wishes to avoid is to be drained out of battery for your camera, smart phone, or your laptop. Hence, Power bank tops our list of best gadgets.

The ALOGIC USB-C Power Bank Ultimate 27000mAh serves as the perfect device to be used on-the-go, it can simultaneously charge up to 4 devices. The Power Bank is designed to be portable and durable; you can sure add it up for your camping and trekking trips as well. Additionally, it is airline approved to keep you powered up even during your long hours of flight for anywhere around the world. It is equipped with two USB-A, one USB-C and one wireless output ports to serve over a variety of devices to be charged.

2. USB-C Hubs

Who said a single laptop is sufficient to carry for a trip, with so many pictures and video data capture, there would always be a need for additional devices, USB-C Hubs act like an extension of your laptop and will do just the right trick

Compact and Portable, the best choice for a USB-C Hub would be the ALOGIC USB-C MacBook Dock Nano Gen 2, it has an HDMI, USB-C , USB-A, SD and micro SD card slots, much easier to connect your pen drive, camera SD card to keep an easy back-up of trip photos, you can also connect it with an HDMI device if you wish to watch your photos on a larger screen at your hotel stay. All in all, this small device caters to your multiple travel needs, not to be missed for sure.

3. Wall Chargers

Every time that you are on a travelling trip across countries do you find it annoying to pick up adapters as per the country of your travel. How about a Wall Charger that comes with Multi-country charging adapters?
The ALOGIC USB-C Laptop/MacBook Wall Charger 45W with PD & USB-A Charging Ports comes with Multi-Country travel plugs for Australia, US, UK and Europe with a handy carry pouch for easy travel, it is enabled with 3 ports, one USB-C and two USB-A ports to allow you charging of three devices at once.

4. SD/Card Adapters

Who can forget getting loads and loads of pictures while being on their next travel trip, but what about storing that extensive data, of course hard disk is an option, but then isn't travelling light another big priority on your list.

A much better suited option is the ALOGIC Ultra Mini USB-C to SD and micro SD card reader Adapter, this tiny device easily fits into your pocket, simply connect it with your Camera's SD card and you are free to save your images and videos safely without fearing the possibility of storage issues.

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