The Ultimate Charging Companion in Any Work Environment

The Ultimate Charging Companion in Any Work Environment_1

The Ultimate Charging Companion in Any Work Environment:

Regardless of if you’re working on-the-go or hotdesking, the importance of ergonomics in a work environment cannot be understated. The reliance on technology to keep us connected and achieve the required work has created a demand for lasting battery levels in all our devices, particularly laptops.

To put it simply, hotdesking is a term that refers to a workstation that it utilised by various employees throughout different time periods. This approach has gained prominence in organisations due to its proven boost in morale and productivity among workers.

The ALOGIC 27,000mAh Power Bank Ultimate is a mandatory accessory when it comes to hotdesking and an overall charging solution for most devices. The benefits of the Power Bank Ultimate for organisations and users that utilise a hotdesking system or those who constantly work on-the-go include:

  • Easily accessed power and battery
  • Improved portability
  • Clutter-free workstation

Easily accessible power doesn’t seem like a pressing concern until you’re working on urgent matters and your laptop runs out of battery with no power outlets in sight. With an impressive battery capacity of 27,000mAh, the Power Bank Ultimate can fully charge your laptop and other devices such as tablets and phones simultaneously. This relieves workers of lugging around bulky laptops and unnecessary cables as they move from workstation to workstation each day, which in-turn improves the level of portability.

While there are benefits to hotdesking, constantly changing workstations requires employees transporting their belongings to various environments on a daily basis. This task can rapidly become menial, by simply providing employees with a 27,000mAh Power Bank Ultimate or merely leaving one at each workstation, organisations can avoid this predicament and avoid this issue.

Its small foot-print housing is ideal for work environments with limited space as it occupies minimal surface area, maximising the available space. The ALOGIC 27,000mAh Power Bank is also highly beneficial for workers who are constantly working away from the office due to its slim and compact profile that can easily fit into any backpack or laptop bag, providing power regardless of the environment and workspace they are in.

The 27,000mAh Power Bank Ultimate creates a workspace that is clutter and cable free. Not only does the power bank have the impressive battery capacity, it is also equipped with a 60W USB-C Power Delivery port, that ensures convenient fast charging for all your power-hungry devices. Users also have the option to charge Qi-enabled device wirelessly.

The ALOGIC 27,000mAh Power Bank Ultimate is the ideal addition to any workstation. Whether you’re a professional road warrior or you’re simply working from the office, our power bank offers increased accessibility and productivity like no other power bank on the market.

The 27,000mAh Power Bank Ultimate can be view and purchased at or at your local retailer.

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