The Tech Gifts Mums Want for Mother's Day

The Tech Gifts Mums Want for Mother's Day _1

Mums at the ALOGIC office explain why the florist isn't the only place to shop ahead of this Mother's Day.

Last year, Finder surveyed Australian consumers about their spending intentions ahead of Mother's Day.

The findings were unsurprising.

Flowers ranked most popular gift idea.

Second place?

You guessed it: Chocolates.

That's on the back of buying group Coupon Lawn's 2020 survey of 1000 mothers in the United States.

It found 64 per cent of people have disappointed their mums by choosing flowers as a gift.

So, what if you'd prefer to be less predictable this Mother's Day?

The memo is simple: Skip flowers and skip chocolates.

Tech mightn't be top of mind for you – or your mum – but we think it's an alternative with merit.

Long after flowers have shrivelled to a papery-brown clean-up job, Mother's Day tech gifts continue to make mothers' lives more convenient and efficient.

In the lead up to this year's Mother's Day, we decided to collect more anecdotal evidence about tech's potential as a Mother's Day gift idea.

To do so, we talked to mothers at the ALOGIC office [and people with mothers].


Gifts that outlive Mother's Day resonate

One of our marketing employees told us he is shopping for a mum who favours gifts that have practical value at home and work.

"Her office is also at home," he said. "I only need to have a quick look at her desk, and some of the main living areas in the house, and I can think of a lot of gift ideas.

"I'll get flowers, but there are practical ideas I know she'll appreciate too.

"Right now, her laptop is stacked on an actual shoe box. I know she wants a proper stand. She has been meaning to get one for a long time, so this is a good time."

The continuing global pandemic makes people who work from home more attuned than ever to the importance of professional-quality home office spaces.

Market and consumer data business Statista reports that office chair sales alone have increased more than 75% since the onset of the pandemic.

IT peripherals and tech accessories help address the enduring ergonomic toll makeshift WFH set ups have.


Chargers are big at home

ALOGIC's current range of chargers include GaN-powered wall chargers for speedy device charging, and wireless chargers that can charge phones, watches, and earbuds all at once.

One mum in our accounts team told us that the MagSpeed 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station tops her tech wish list.

"It would help clear out the cable mess on my nightstand and make overnight charging much more convenient," she said.

"Considering how many devices we have at home, you can't have enough chargers!"

Another mum from HR told us she is most reliant on wireless charging stations, and multi-port wall chargers.

"I have two school kids who both have mobiles and watches that often need charging," she said.

"We have a charging fountain, as we call it, where we leave our Apple devices to all charge at once.

"The product is easy to install and there are less wires, so it gives a clean look. It's a convenient charging hub for us."


Mums looking for practical solutions at work

On any ALOGIC desk, you'll find gear including docks, displays, laptops, ergonomic stands, various essential USB devices, and cables.

We spoke with one mum from our product team who keeps the following on her desk: wired keyboard and mouse, two monitors, wired and wireless set of headphones, laptop, laptop stand, docking station, and the "cables to help keep it all running".

That's a lot of connectivity to keep humming.

Several studies have investigated how our desk environments affect our focus, emotions, and behaviour at work.

One study found our physical desk environment also affects our decision-making, and relationships with others.

IT peripherals including docking stations, and wireless chargers help minimise the devices and cables professionals need on their desks.

The mum in our product team told us told us ALOGIC's MX3 docking station is one of the most important items on her desk.

"My job needs to look at large spreadsheets," she said. "The dock allows me to have dual monitors with HD quality on display. This helps me do my work comfortably, and more efficiently.

"Those extra USB ports help me test our products easily, and I don't need to go under the desk to look for wall plug."


Mums are looking for more than flowers

Coupon Lawn's survey finds husbands and partners of mums are likeliest to buy the most disappointing Mother's Day gifts.

One of the best ways to buck that notoriety is to take the time to better understand what the mum's in your life want.

By talking to mums in the ALOGIC office, we found that low-hassle, life-improving tech can be particularly appealing.

"Whilst I'm not a very tech-savvy mother," one ALOGIC mum told us, "I'm certainly all about easy-to-use tech.

"ALOGIC products offer me convenience in using cutting-edge tech products that are hassle-free to install and enjoy.

"I would love a tech gift for Mother's Day that helps me keep our gadgets charged with ease!"

Looking to shop tech for Mother's Day? ALOGIC's Mother's Day sale starts soon.

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