The Flexibility to work anywhere with the 27K Power Bank Ultimate

The Flexibility to work anywhere with the 27K Power Bank Ultimate_1

The Forbes Magazine conducted a survey this year regarding the new normal of working from home and its impact, the results are surprising yet quite positive. Forbes mentioned that the new survey shows a 47% increase in productivity of employees and one of the prominent reason being the comfort of setting up a home office with personalized accessories and gadgets, one gets the liberty to choose everything, right from the chair to their connectivity equipment which is based on their own choice. To help you further on the same lines, ALOGIC has introduced one of its best power bank, the 27,000mAh USB-C Power Bank Ultimate, it can connect 4 devices simultaneously, helping you set up your own mini office with ease.

One of the issues we always hope to avoid while working is the unexpected power cuts. The ALOGIC 27,000mAh Power Bank Ultimate comes in handy at such time, it allows you to connect 4 devices simultaneously, with 2 USB-A ports providing a supply of 15W each, a USB-C port which provides a 60W power supply and additionally a 10W wireless charging for your Qi-enabled devices.
A major advantage of this is, you can now share the power bank with your family members, creating a perfect idea for your mini office, simply plug in two laptop ports in the required plugin USB-A or USB-C and fast-charge your laptop, you can even add your mobile phones to charge on the wireless pad. Isn't it an ideal situation of creating a shared workspace with your own family members.

Another advantage of the power bank is, it is extremely compact and portable, thus anytime if you wish to switch the place of your home office for a simple change, it can be done with utmost ease, working in the living room or working while relaxing in the bedroom, or even working while being at your dining table, everything becomes possible with the 27K Power Bank.
Since the device is extremely portable, it can be fitted into your laptop bag and easily carried along, so even when the travelling resumes and you need to work while being on-the-go, the Power bank can come in handy. Since it is airline approved, it allows you to work while being on long flights.

Another best advantage of the Power bank is, it offers fast-charging capabilities, both for your USB-A and USB-C devices, it generates 60W USB-C output and 15W output on USB-A enabled devices.

The Power Bank is aesthetically pleasing as well, it has a sleek futuristic design and it comes with a white light LCD display that indicates the battery's current capacity, it is displayed in numerical value that ensures the accuracy of charging.

Additionally, it meets and exceeds all international regulatory standards, as the Power Bank is equipped with MCU protections including high temperature and advanced safety measures so you can be carefree about issues like short circuit, overcurrent, low-voltage protection, over voltage, over charge and over discharge protection mechanism.

All in all, the ALOGIC 27K Power Bank Ultimate works as a perfect investment for setting up your mini office at home and sharing connections over multiple devices.

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