The Best USB-C Docks for Space-Conscious Desks

The Best USB-C Docks for Space-Conscious Desks_1

Today's best docking stations vary wildly in size. What's the right size for your desk?

Today's docking stations are generally much smaller than traditional proprietary docks, but some are still much bigger than others.

Many of the biggest docks on the market today easily leave desk footprints the size of laptops.

Smaller docks, on the other hand, can consume less desk space than mobile phones.

In the past year, ALOGIC's designers and engineers have specifically developed numerous new docks to accommodate the many households and offices today who want power and ports, but also adequate desk space.

ALOGIC's current range of space-saver docks include the DV3 Universal Triple Display Dock and the USB-C Dual Display Docks [MX2 LITE editions].

These nimble docks, which are smaller than an iPhone Pro 13s, enable professionals to run beautiful external displays at their desks. They connect USB accessories such as keyboards, mice, and phones. They also fast-charge laptops with Power Delivery passthrough.

Space saver dock

ALOGIC's DV3 Docking Station

The DV3 is ultra-light, but a heavyweight performer too.

The 12-port device is built to connect up to three Full HD [60Hz] displays.

Professionals who run triple Full HD displays via the DV3 significantly enhance their efficiency and productivity by minimising the toggling they need to perform. Instead of toggling between multiple applications, documents, and websites on a single monitor screen, they can simultaneously display all their key work on three monitors.

As industry research has previously found, that's a big boon for productivity and efficiency.


The DV3 also features five USB ports [USB-A and USB-C] to connect versatile USB essentials such as phones, tablets, keyboards, and mice.

The universally compatible dock's Ethernet capability is perfect for smooth video conferencing, and its SD card readers are ideal for bulky multimedia sharing. Laptop users connected to the DV3 can also keep their computers charged with up to 100W Power Delivery passthrough.


ALOGIC's MX2 LITE Docking Station Range

The 138-gram USB-C Dual Display Docks [MX2 LITE DisplayPort & MX2 LITE HDMI Editions] enable USB-C/Thunderbolt 3/4 laptop users to connect to an external 4K [60Hz] monitor for visually-rich tasks, or multiple Full HD monitors for busy multi-taskers.

They also support laptop users to connect to a full suite of USB desk peripherals, and plug into 85W fast-charging.

Laptop users looking for additional USB connectivity and multimedia storage and transfer options can find it in the MX2 LITE [HDMI edition] too.

It features an additional USB-A [USB 3.2 Gen 1] port, along with SD and Micro-SD Card Readers.

Space Saver MX2

Docks for More Desk Space

Industry research highlights how prized desk space is in workplaces.

According to Brother's Workplace Organisation Survey of more than 2,000 UK office workers, 41% agreed that a tidy work space is conducive to better productivity.

Almost one half also stated that a messy desk changed the way they felt about going to work each day.

An additional study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in 2021, investigating the wellbeing of WFH workstation users during COVID-19, found that less than one third of respondents indicated having a good work station set up.

Space saver 3

Simple Interventions for More Workspace

People who work or study from home can win back desk space with numerous simple interventions:

- Consider going as paperless as possible to reclaim desk space

- Remember that adding shelves to your workstation creates elevated space that helps de-stress your desk area

- Keep in mind you can prevent clutter creep by organising your desk before or after work each day.

With tiny docks such as the DV3 and MX2 LITE range connected over a single cable connection, you're already on the front foot.

The DV3 and MX2 LITEs also slip easily into bags and pockets, supporting mobile, hybrid, and remote work.


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