New car chargers make road trips easy

New car chargers make road trips easy_1

Whether you're out on business or embarking on a cross-country road trip, our latest innovations make car charging easy.

Remember how low-tech road trips used to be? Kids in the back reading books, counting Volkswagens, duelling away in a travel-friendly edition of checkers or battleship or lost in some interminable argument. A folio of crinkled maps scattered haphazardly across the navigator's lap, frantically searching for the right page before each turn.

For better or worse, things have changed. The only way you'll miss a turn is if Google Maps drains your battery before you get there – and the prime source of back seat arguments is for custody of the sole iPad after someone's phone runs out of power.

Thankfully, it's also easier than ever before to keep everyone's devices in working order.

Your car's humble cigarette lighter is capable of putting out way more power than older car chargers were capable of handling, but new technologies allowing for better heat management and smart voltage detection have dramatically upgraded the capabilities of this age-old socket.

Take a look at what they can do.

ALOGIC Rapid Power 30W: Ultra-compact fast charging for two devices

Taking advantage of the smart charging capabilities of the USB Power Delivery standard, our new Rapid Power 30W Mini Car Chargers can deliver rapid charging to two devices simultaneously.

Whether you need to keep your GPS connected to power while recharging your DSLR's battery or powering the portable DVD player that keeps your kids quiet from fighting while recharging your noise-cancelling earbuds, this not-even 4cm long charger can handle the whole family's devices.

With 30W of charging capacity, they can even power lightweight laptops, such as MacBook Airs or energy-efficient Ultrabooks.

Our new 30W Mini USB-C Car Chargers are available in two flavours – one with two USB-C ports for fastest charging of modern devices, and a flexible model with both a USB-C and USB-A port, making it easy to charge older devices.

ALOGIC Rapid Power 100W: Fast charging for laptops and game systems

Ideal for professionals who spend a lot of time on the road, or those who do a lot of field work, our Rapid Power 100W Car Charger transforms your car into a fast-charging hub.

This USB-C car charger can deliver up to 100W of USB PD power, empowering you to run power-hungry laptops and devices from anywhere you can reach on four wheels.

Although it fits neatly in your pocket, this 100W car charger is faster than most laptop charging bricks and in addition to its primary USB-C fast charger, it also includes a USB-A fast charging port for older devices.

Or keeping your GPS topped up while charging your kid's portable game console. It's flexible like that.

Explore our complete range of compact car chargers here.

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